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Standard Printed Tape

This standard printed Fragile tape conveys information to those handling your products when products are being shipped. The messages printed are easy to read and the colours contrast well making the message standout. This tape will help avoid confusion when being shipped and also result in products being handled correctly. The strength of the tape also means that it will hold its own with the general handling of the goods whilst being sent out.

SKUNameSize (mm)TypeColourPack QtyPallet QtyUnit Price
034010Standard Printed Tape48mm x 66mFragileRed/White36Login to see pricesView >
034011Standard Printed Tape48mm x 66mRejectRed/White363780Login to see pricesView >
034012Standard Printed Tape48mm x 66mQuarantineRed/White363780Login to see pricesView >
034013Standard Printed Tape48mm x 66mGlass Handle with CareRed/White36Login to see pricesView >
034014Standard Printed Tape48mm x 66mQ.C. CheckedRed/White36Login to see pricesView >
034015Standard Printed Tape48mm x 66mHandle with careRed/White36Login to see pricesView >
034016Standard Printed Tape48mm x 66mQ.C. HoldRed/White36Login to see pricesView >
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