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Corrugated Postal Boxes

These white ‘pizza style’ postal boxes are perfect for e-commerce requirements. They have been designed to make your busy packing department as efficient as possible. Being supplied flat packed makes them a great space saver, additionally the way these postal cartons need no tape or extra fixings, means that they can be assembled in seconds. *All of our postal cartons are measured: Length x Width x Height

SKUNameSize (mm)TypeColourPack QtyPallet QtyUnit Price
011010Corrugated Postal Box90 x 90 x 38mmSmall ParcelWhite5011250Login to see pricesView >
011011Corrugated Postal Box95 x 75 x 38mmSmall ParcelWhite5012000Login to see pricesView >
011012Corrugated Postal Box104 x 95 x 95mmSmall ParcelWhite504500Login to see pricesView >
011013Corrugated Postal Box110 x 100 x 70mmSmall ParcelWhite502400Login to see pricesView >
011014Corrugated Postal Box120 x 120 x 52mmSmall ParcelWhite506750Login to see pricesView >
011015Corrugated Postal Box152 x 100 x 52mmMedium ParcelWhite502400Login to see pricesView >
011016Corrugated Postal Box165 x 102 x 102mmMedium ParcelWhite501600Login to see pricesView >
011017Corrugated Postal Box170 x 125 x 65mmMedium ParcelWhite503000Login to see pricesView >
011018Corrugated Postal Box170 x 140 x 95mmMedium ParcelWhite501600Login to see pricesView >
011019Corrugated Postal Box207 x 139 x 90mmMedium ParcelWhite501200Login to see pricesView >
011020Corrugated Postal Box220 x 148 x 60mmSmall ParcelWhite501600Login to see pricesView >
011021Corrugated Postal Box232 x 100 x 70mmSmall ParcelWhite501600Login to see pricesView >
011022Corrugated Postal Box232 x 158 x 55mmMedium ParcelWhite501600Login to see pricesView >
011023Corrugated Postal Box232 x 158 x 95mmMedium ParcelWhite50800Login to see pricesView >
011025Corrugated Postal Box245 x 228 x 47mmMedium ParcelWhite501200Login to see pricesView >
011026Corrugated Postal Box255 x 170 x 102mmMedium ParcelWhite50800Login to see pricesView >
011027Corrugated Postal Box288 x 204 x 90mmMedium ParcelWhite50800Login to see pricesView >
011028Corrugated Postal Box305 x 152 x 50mmSmall ParcelWhite501600Login to see pricesView >
011029Corrugated Postal Box305 x 213 x 78mmMedium ParcelWhite50800Login to see pricesView >
011030Corrugated Postal Box305 x 305 x 52mmMedium ParcelWhite501200Login to see pricesView >
011031Corrugated Postal Box305 x 305 x 102mmMedium ParcelWhite50800Login to see pricesView >
011033Corrugated Postal Box345 x 222 x 70mmMedium ParcelWhite50800Login to see pricesView >
011034Corrugated Postal Box445 x 340 x 70mmMedium ParcelWhite50800Login to see pricesView >
011035Corrugated Postal Box445 x 340 x 100mmMedium ParcelWhite50400Login to see pricesView >
011036Corrugated Postal Box470 x 330 x 70mmMedium ParcelWhite50400Login to see pricesView >
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