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Metallic Bubble Bag

These bright but protective bubble bags provide an attractive way to enhance your brand image when mailing out. They are available in six different colours. The peel and seal adhesive strip is a brilliant feature to ensure that the bubble bag is sealed properly.

SKUNameSize (mm)TypeColourPack QtyPallet QtyUnit Price
022810Metallic Bubble Bag165 x 165mmSquareBlue200Login to see pricesView >
022811Metallic Bubble Bag250 x 180mmC5+ / PocketBlue200Login to see pricesView >
022812Metallic Bubble Bag324 x 230mmC4 / PocketBlue100Login to see pricesView >
022813Metallic Bubble Bag450 x 320mmC3 / PocketBlue50Login to see pricesView >
023110Metallic Bubble Bag165 x 165mmSquareRed200Login to see pricesView >
023111Metallic Bubble Bag250 x 180mmC5+ / PocketRed200Login to see pricesView >
023112Metallic Bubble Bag324 x 230mmC4 / PocketRed100Login to see pricesView >
023113Metallic Bubble Bag450 x 320mmC3 / PocketRed50Login to see pricesView >
023410Metallic Bubble Bag165 x 165mmSquareGreen200Login to see pricesView >
023411Metallic Bubble Bag250 x 180mmC5+ / PocketGreen200Login to see pricesView >
023412Metallic Bubble Bag324 x 230mmC4 / PocketGreen100Login to see pricesView >
023413Metallic Bubble Bag450 x 320mmC3 / PocketGreen50Login to see pricesView >
023710Metallic Bubble Bag165 x 165mmSquareSilver200Login to see pricesView >
023711Metallic Bubble Bag250 x 180mmC5+ / PocketSilver200Login to see pricesView >
023712Metallic Bubble Bag324 x 230mmC4 / PocketSilver100Login to see pricesView >
023713Metallic Bubble Bag450 x 320mmC3 / PocketSilver50Login to see pricesView >
024010Metallic Bubble Bag165 x 165mmSquareGold200Login to see pricesView >
024011Metallic Bubble Bag250 x 180mmC5+ / PocketGold200Login to see pricesView >
024012Metallic Bubble Bag324 x 230mmC4 / PocketGold100Login to see pricesView >
024013Metallic Bubble Bag450 x 320mmC3 / PocketGold50Login to see pricesView >
024310Metallic Bubble Bag165 x 165mmSquareBlack200Login to see pricesView >
024311Metallic Bubble Bag250 x 180mmC5+ / PocketBlack200Login to see pricesView >
024312Metallic Bubble Bag324 x 230mmC4 / PocketBlack100Login to see pricesView >
024313Metallic Bubble Bag450 x 320mmC3 / PocketBlack50Login to see pricesView >
024610Metallic Bubble Bag165 x 165mmSquarePink200Login to see pricesView >
024611Metallic Bubble Bag250 x 180mmC5+ / PocketPink200Login to see pricesView >
024612Metallic Bubble Bag324 x 230mmC4 / PocketPink100Login to see pricesView >
024613Metallic Bubble Bag450 x 320mmC3 / PocketPink50Login to see pricesView >
024910Metallic Bubble Bag165 x 165mmSquarePurple200Login to see pricesView >
024911Metallic Bubble Bag250 x 180mmC5+ / PocketPurple200Login to see pricesView >
024912Metallic Bubble Bag324 x 230mmC4 / PocketPurple100Login to see pricesView >
024913Metallic Bubble Bag450 x 320mmC3 / PocketPurple50Login to see pricesView >
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