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125 micron Layflat

Layflat tubing is a simple but budget friendly packaging solution for products. It can be made into plastic bags when paired with a heat sealer and can also be used to package up longer length items. This layflat tubing is recycleable and comes in different thicknesses and widths.

SKUNameSize (mm)TypeColourPack QtyPallet QtyUnit Price
054909Layflat Tubing - 125micron25mm x 165m1 Roll - 1KG1Login to see pricesView >
054910Layflat Tubing - 125micron50mm x 165m1 Roll = 2kg1Login to see pricesView >
054911Layflat Tubing - 125micron75mm x 165m1 Roll = 3kg1Login to see pricesView >
054912Layflat Tubing - 125micron100mm x 165m1 Roll = 4kg1Login to see pricesView >
054913Layflat Tubing - 125micron125mm x 165m1 Roll = 5kg1Login to see pricesView >
054914Layflat Tubing - 125micron150mm x 165m1 Roll = 6KG1Login to see pricesView >
054916Layflat Tubing - 125micron200mm x 165m1 Roll = 8KG1Login to see pricesView >
054917Layflat Tubing - 125micron225mm x 165m1 Roll = 9kg1Login to see pricesView >
054918Layflat Tubing - 125micron250mm x 165m1 Roll = 10KG1Login to see pricesView >
054919Layflat Tubing - 125micron300mm x 165m1 Roll = 12KG1Login to see pricesView >
054921Layflat Tubing - 125micron375mm x 165m1 Roll = 15kg1Login to see pricesView >
054922Layflat Tubing - 125micron400mm x 165m1 Roll = 16KG1Login to see pricesView >
054923Layflat Tubing - 125micron450mm x 165m1 Roll - 18KG1Login to see pricesView >
054925Layflat Tubing - 125micron550mm x 165m1 Roll = 22kg1Login to see pricesView >
054926Layflat Tubing - 125micron600mm x 165m1 Roll = 24KG1Login to see pricesView >
054927Layflat Tubing - 125micron650mm x 138m1 Roll = 25KG1Login to see pricesView >
054928Layflat Tubing - 125micron700mm x ?1 Roll = 25KG1Login to see pricesView >
054929Layflat Tubing - 125micron750mm x 138m1 Roll = 25KG1Login to see pricesView >
054930Layflat Tubing - 125micron900mm x 160mm1 Roll = 25KG1Login to see pricesView >
054932Layflat Tubing - 125micron1200mm x 86m1 Roll = 25KG1Login to see pricesView >
054933Layflat Tubing - 125micron1350mm x 110m1Login to see pricesView >
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